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We use assessment data to inform instructional decisions and communicate academic performance to parents, teachers, and students.  We monitor student learning through local, curricular assessments and measure overall student achievement and readiness through state and national standardized assessments.

Please see our districtwide assessment plan for information, including testing dates, for all local, state and national mandated tests.

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Types of Assessments

Data Matters!

Statewide testing data is used in a variety of important ways by families, educators, schools, and statewide decision-makers alike (see Why Statewide Test Results Matter).

Any student not participating in the statewide assessments will not receive an individual score and therefore counted as “not proficient” for the purpose of school and district accountability.

If you choose to opt your student(s) out of testing, you must turn in a completed refusal form to their school. This form must be completed annually.

FAQs: Why Do Statewide Test Results Matter?

How Are Our Students Performing on Assessments?

The Minnesota Report Card gives you easy access to understandable district and school data. This tool is designed to provide you  with easy access to district and school information, test results, demographic information and other critical data in a centralized location.

For information about interpreting and using the data on the Minnesota Report Card and MDE Data center, please see the Minnesota Report Card Information Guide.