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Project Lead the Way

Where STEM Meets Career Readiness

Middle School students take part in an immersive STEM experience through Project Lead the Way (PLTW), the nation's industry leader in school STEM curricula.

PLTW is designed to expose students to the opportunities in STEM by challenging them to tackle real-life problems through practical, project-based instruction. From robot challenges and 3D printing opportunities, PLTW equips our future leaders with the key 21st century skills they need to tackle any problem that may come their way.  

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Grade Level Focus Areas

Students take a Project Lead the Way course each year they are in our building, each focused on a different area of STEM: either computer science, design and modeling, or automation and robotics.

6th Grade: Computer Science

In sixth grade, students are introduced to computer science, computer coding, & engineering design through the PLTW "Innovators & Makers" course. This class features hands-on projects focused on blending hardware design and software development, and the opportunity for students to create physical computing devices that use the block coding they developed. 

7th Grade: Design and Modeling

The seventh grade "Design and Modeling" course explores the design process, fostering creativity and innovation. Students are challenged to design a therapeutic device for a person with cerebral palsy, applying their learning to address real-world challenges.

8th Graders: Design and Modeling

The eighth grade PBIS "Automations and Robotics" class integrates mechanisms, programming, and teamwork as students act as "interns" to create prototypes to meet client need. Students explore automation and robotics, highlighting the collaborative efforts of mechanical engineers, software developers, and electrical engineers in solving real-life problems.

6th grade student with a micropet they made in Project Lead the Way
3 7th grade girls with an orthosis they made in Project Lead the Way